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J.River Media Center 17.0.83 Portable

Мультимедийный центр развлечений, объединяющий в себе работу с музыкой, видео и фотографиями. При помощи J. River Media Center вы сможете с помощью компьютера управлять всеми подключенными к нему мультимедиа-устройствами. С помощью этой программы вы сможете копировать музыку на портативные цифровые плееры, перемешать цифровые фотографии с камеры в цифровую библиотеку медиа-центра, записывать из аудио-файлов музыкальные диски, записывать любимые телепрограммы и просматривать их на ТВ. Мультимедийный центр позволяет включить в разных комнатах в одно и то же время разную музыку. Программа дает возможность организовать коллекцию фотографий, просматривать детальную информацию о каждом файле.

Уникальный полноэкранный режим позволяет работать с медиа-коллекцией, управляя ей с экрана монитора или телевизора. Поддерживаются различные пульты дистанционного управления. J.River Media Center поддерживает множество моделей портативных плееров, позволяет синхронизировать медиа-библиотеку с iPod и многими другими устройствами.

Organize and experience all your media! Music, photos and video YOUR way - all from a single software program! Connect your PC to your home entertainment hardware and control it all with a remote! Load your music on your iPod while you watch TV! All with one easy-to-use program - MEDIA CENTER! Organize your images. The main image screen, showing thumbnails of digital camera images. An optional properties page can be opened to show details about each image. A unique full screen mode. This customizable view is designed for browsing your media on a monitor or TV from across the room. Type is enlarged and navigation is simplified for easy use with a remote device.

Mobilize your tunes
MC supports more hardware players than any other application. Now you can synchronize your library with your Apple iPod or one of many

supported devices
Organize and experience all your media
Music, photos, and video YOUR way -- all from a single software program! Connect your PC to your home entertainment hardware and control it all with a remote! Load your music on your iPod while you watch TV! All with one easy-to-use program -- MEDIA CENTER!

MEDIA CENTER has a streamlined user interface, designed to make it even easier to organize, find and play your digital files, and to connect to hardware devices.

Easy-to-use Action Window
A graphical way to select commonly used features like burning or tagging or transferring to a handheld. Just select an icon then drag and drop your files to it.

More Visualizations
Improved internal 2D and 3D visualizations, and support for leading edge visualizations like G-Force and the new SoftSkies.

More skin options than ever
Choose from Noire, Thunderstorm, Aruba and others. Many user-created skins. Over 400 Mini View skins to choose from.

Media Mode buttons
Quickly target the media that you want to view.
Audio, images or video.

Tree View navigation
A simplified organization structure provides a clean look with quick links to access the key areas of the program.

Make your media part of your digital lifestyle
Copy music from MEDIA CENTER to a portable digital audio player or move digital camera photos into MC's powerful image library. Make a CD of music for your car. Record your favorite shows and watch them on your TV. More than one soundcard? Play different music simultaneously in different rooms. MC's Media Server can even stream your music to your PC at work!

Camera and Images
~ Support for Canon and Kodak cameras and others that use the WIA interface. Almost all cameras are supported.
~ Image enhancement during slide show or for e-mail and web upload.
~ Display color images as black-and-white or sepia.
~ JPG, BMP, TIFF, RAW and PNG support.
~ With one click, acquire images from your camera and load them into your media library.
~ Basic image editing.
~ New MyGal web gallery to post your pics for friends and relatives. Free web space.

Handheld Devices
For the iPod:
~ Single Click Synchronization of iPod audio and data with MC.
~ Apply Replay Gain to files on iPod.
~ Dynamically adjust playback volumes.
~ Audible file bookmarking.
~ iPod playcounts, date last played, and rating transfer to MC from iPod.

For players that support synchronization or appear as a drive:
~ Drag and Drop on Handheld image in the Action Window.
~ One click synchronization.

[b]Информация о программе: [/b]
[b]Язык интерфейса:[/b] английский + русский
[b]Платформа:[/b] Windows XP/2003/Vista/7(32bit)
[b]Год выхода:[/b] 2012
[b]Размер (RAR):[/b] 31 Мб
[b]Информация для восстановления:[/b] 2%
архив не запаролен

[c][b]Download / Скачать J.River Media Center 17.0.83 Portable[/b][/c]
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