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Think Logo Maker Professional 4.4.4595 Portable

[c][b]Sothink Logo Maker[/b] - простой в использовании инструмент, который позволит вам создать свой собственный логотип за несколько минут. Вам не нужно быть профессиональным дизайнером, для того, что бы создать профессиональный логотип для компании, подпись для веб - сайта, кнопку, иконку и т.д.[/c] Программа предлагает встроенные шаблоны, цветовые схемы и различные стили для логотипа, которые точно понравятся вам и сделают ваш логотип уникальным. Мощные возможности редактора помогают сделать процесс создания логотипа легким и приятным.

[b]Sothink Logo Maker[/b] It is an intuitive and extremely simple logo maker for you to design logo in minutes. You don't have to be a professional logo designer to make high-quality company logo, business logo, web signature, button, icon, etc.

[b]Create a professional[/b] and unique company logo, banner, header, icon and signature for your website, blog, forum, email in minutes. Export your logo to different dimensions suitable for web or print, in JPG, TIFF, PNG (with transparent background) or BMP format as needed.

[b][u]Unique Design Experience of Logo Maker[/u][/b]
-Offer 400+ well-chosen color schemes, filtered by color or category
- Apply cool effects like gradient, shadow, bevel, glow, reflection or hollow to graphic or text just by one click in the Effects panel
- Use the Copy Effect & Color tool to copy all the effect and color properties of one element on the canvas to another
- Replace a graphic with another, with the same colors and effects
- Enable the "Snapping to object" and "Snapping to gird" options to align logo elements on the canvas

[b][u]Design Logo with Rich Resources[/u][/b]
- Offer 2,500+ vector graphics of 17 categories, the elements can be searched by keyword
- Provide 40+ stylish text fonts and 6 waved text effects
- System fonts will be automatically imported once they are installed on your computer
- Import images of JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format
- Import Flash SWF resources and extract vector graphic to use as logo image

[b][u]Powerful Edit and Custom Capability[/u][/b]
- Access the tools like Backward, Forward, Rotate Counterclockwise, Rotate Clockwise, Horizontal Mirror, Vertical Mirror, Duplicate and Opacity directly on the toolbar
- Set outline for vector graphic or text in the Custom > Color dialog
- Resize, skew, or rotate an element just on the canvas
- Customize your own colors (Solid/Linear Gradient/Radical Gradient) or filters (Shadow, Bevel, Glow and Reflection) for graphic or text in the Custom dialog
- Use Color Picker on the Colors panel to apply any color from the screen to your logo

[b][u]Информация о программе:[/u][/b]
[b]Дата выпуска:[/b] 2013
[b]Платформа:[/b] Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
[b]Интерфейс:[/b] English + Multilanguage + Русский
[b]Разрядность:[/b] 32bit+64bit
[b]Лекарство:[/b] Не требуется
[b]Размер:[/b] 23.95 Mb
[b]Формат файла:[/b] Rar
[b]Информация для восстановления:[/b] 5%
архив не запаролен

[c][i]Download/Скачать[/i] : [b]Think Logo Maker Professional 4.4.4595 Portable[/b][/c]
[quote][c][b] [/b]
[url=][b]Скачать | Download | [b][/b][/b][/url]
[b] [/b]
[url= Logo Maker Professional 4.4.4595 Portable.rar.html][b]Скачать | Download | [b][/b][/b][/url]
[b] [/b]
[url= - Think Logo Maker Professional 4.4.4595 Portable.rar][b]Скачать | Download | [b][/b][/b][/url][/c][/quote]
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